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Why we decided to run an Erasmus+ project in the field of adult education and what is our

“Marketing Digitally” Project all about; would you like to learn these by a glance at our project
The project idea grew up combining two major considerations:
1) There is high demand for IT skills: in Europe, 756,000 jobs in the IT field are projected to be vacant by
2020 (Digital Agenda Scoreboard 2016). The paradox is that although millions of Europeans are currently
without a job, companies have a hard time finding skilled digital technology experts.
2) During 2016, one out of five enterprises in the EU-28 made electronic sales. The percentage of
turnover on e-sales amounted to 18 % of the total turnover of enterprises with 10 or more persons
employed. In the EU-28, during the period 2008 to 2016, the percentage of enterprises that had e-sales
increased by 7 percentage points and the enterprises’ turnover realised from e-sales increased by 6
percentage points.
As a result, digital strategies and developing digital key competencies can play a significant role in
bridging the gap between the labour market and unemployed or low-skilled adults looking for new jobs
or trying to renew their professional paths.
The project partners firmly believe that the sector of the digital market can be crucial for the
development of new professions and relevant skills among adults. They need to be provided with
practical competencies to build stronger careers, especially taking advantage of the digital field. In fact,
the digital market competencies can be transferred and applicable in many different sectors, and maybe
there is no job that does not require at least a basic ICT knowledge.
In the current world characterized by high level of unemployment, we cannot waste such opportunity.
Starting from these preliminary needs’analyses, the project “Marketing Digitally” intends to offer various
educational and advisory activities on digitalization and market orientation for adults’s trainers, low
skilled adults that could be (potential) entrepreneurs, based on the e-platform. This learning platform
will be developed for providing the teaching materials as well as for the self-learning and consulting
mode for potential and existing entrepreneurs, who would like to build up their digital and marketing